Do you remember the 21st night of september?
As we danced in the night…
Remember how the stars stole the night away.
Say do you remember dancing in september?
Remember the true love we share today.

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Me: So you’re telling attendance isn’t needed to pass this class

Professor: Well I guess you could just email me every assignment and final and pass

Me: You dun fucked up bruh

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America is some fucked up dystopian shit honestly like how are y’all even surviving? Paying for healthcare? $60,000 on tuition? POC getting shot in Wal-Marts? White men shooting up elementary schools? That’s terrifying I’m worried about all of you

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I’m still really upset and angry. He did it once, the camera happened to be on him, he did it once and I think it’s the funniest joke that’s ever been on our show. - Michael Schur (x)

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